9. The Gang Tacos Bout Some Lambic

Our first food pairing episode! Travis the taco maestro makes us a killer chicken molé taco and a beef lengua taco. We all collecively die and are raptured to the hereafter.

The 1st Sip is:

Chris @growlerhour

Allie @alliegorrievascellaro

Joel @beerwithpleasantstrangers

Ruben @rlvineh

Special guest:

Travis @tacos_sometimestravis_

The beers:

West Coast Thirst

What the Ek???

Disciples of Fu! – Simcoe Syndicate

Oude Geuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston (2016-2017) Blend No. 27

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel

Intens Rood (season 17|18) Blend No. 85

Is Ticking Clock (2020)


Hommage (season 19|20) Blend No. 71

Fundamental Forces (2021)

Beatification (Batch 040320)

The 1st Sip Podcast is a production of The Beer Nation.

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