11. The Gang Never Says Die

An absolutely terrible beer from North Park Beer Co. If you have a bottle, don’t drink it. Mail it to us and we will see to it that it is properly disposed of.

On this week’s episode, the gang reconvenes after a lengthy hiatus, talks beer, pays tribute to a locally world famous legend, Nate Soroko, and discusses favorite hops. Featuring returning guest, Mike Jones!

The 1st Sip is:

Chris @growlerhour

Allie @alliegorrievascellaro

Joel @beerwithpleasantstrangers

Ruben @rlvineh

Special guest:

Mike @closeyourtab 

The sips:

NPBC5 BBA Imperial Dessert Stout – North Park Beer Co.

Blame the Poets – Monkish

NPBC5 TDH West Coast Double IPA – North Park Beer Co.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Buzzworthy (2020) – Smog City

Chaos Grid: Island Vacation – Modern Times

Muntz – McIlhenny Brewing

Axes of Fu! – North Park Beer Co. collab with Fidens

NPBC5 TDH Hazy Triple IPA – North Park Beer Co.

Spectrum of Desire – Modern Times collab with Cellarmaker

Sacred Scales – Monkish

Oude du Blé (2019) – Side Project

New Atlantis w/Blackcurrant – Modern Times

Vin Syrah – Humble Sea

Socrates’ Philosophies & Hypotheses – Monkish

The 1st Sip is a production of The Beer Nation.

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